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                Company News

                Company News

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                DuPont Teflon production investment in China

                更新时间:2015-03-31 10:03:00

                DuPont will invest $ 15 million to improve its fluoropolymer products range in China.

                Company officials said the company, based in Wilmington, Delaware, plastics and chemicals giant will Teflon polymer production plant in Changshu relocated from Shenzhen factory. The company will build a new Teflon finishes most advanced manufacturing plant in Changshu, China and Asia Pacific markets services. Company officials added that the integration of the two plants will help increase efficiency, improve production and ensure regulatory compliance. They said that the relocation of production will accelerate product development cycle. As part of the project will be built in a Teflon DuPont R & D center in Shanghai.